Tuesday, February 10, 2015

OhSoGoooood_Bakery's Peppermint Oreo Cookies, Funfetti Bubblegum Jarcake & Ondeh Ondeh Jarcake Review! (Sponsored)

Hello everyone!
Today I met up with ohsogoooood_bakery's owner, Theresa to collect my order!

Here's what I received from her!
This is the bag that was given to me

Here are the yummy treats inside!
They all look so pretty I can't bear to eat them!

First, I'll start with their Peppermint Oreo Cookies.
The appearance is really appetizing and I love how huge the chunks of Oreo are!
(I'm a big fan of Oreo!)
I was actually a bit puzzled to see pink chunks on the cookie because I was expecting to see the usual green to represent the mint flavor.

But after biting into the cookie, I was assured that it was mint flavored cookies!
I love the instant cooling sensation in the mouth in just one bite!
The cookies were crunchy, yet a little chewy (something similar to the subway cookies)
and I love the combination of the mint flavor with Oreo!
Sweet! I love it!

Rating for the Peppermint Oreo Cookies:
For the appearance, I actually thought that it would have been more appropriate if the mint chunks were in green instead of pink. Since it looked more like a berry flavored cookie when I first looked at it. But the cookies were really well-baked, no burnt cookies, no nothing! So a rating of 3/5 for the appearance!

They were so generous with the Oreo chunks, and I love it! As i said earlier on, the Oreo and mint flavor are a perfect match!Not too sweet as well, just to my liking! Love it, 4/5!

Next up, we will have the Funfetti Bubblegum Jar Cake.
Just the name of jar cake had me, and I knew that I MUST try it!
It's so pretty and it smells just like bubblegum!
The owner, Theresa actually told me to microwave it for around 15 seconds for the best taste.

So I did! The aroma of the cake became stronger <3

Had my first bite, and I can't stop!
I was so surprised at the white cream that was separating the layers of cake.
It was a little chewy and sweet, just like an authentic bubblegum!
It's a little sweet for me, but I think kids would definitely love this!
If you have a sweet tongue, you have got to give this a try!

Rating for the Funfetti Bubblegum Jar Cake:
I don't think I have to say much about this, because the appearance of this jar cake is so pretty that you would want to admire it the whole day! I love this so much~! 5/5!

Personally, the cream is a little sweet for me but I think the cake somewhat balanced the sweetness out. It tastes just like a bubblegum and I think children would love this so much!!The cream was what surprised me, because I thought it would be just a normal cream. But it ended up chewy, and i love that idea of it! You must have a try at this, if you haven't! 3/5 for taste!

*PS: This would go perfectly with a cup of tea to tone down the sweetness!*

Last but not least, we have the Ondeh Ondeh Jar Cake!
I've seen so many good reviews about this flavor, that I knew I MUST try it!
And this flavor just got sold out after I ordered!

Theresa told me to microwave this for a longer time as compared to Funfetti Bubblegum because this cake will taste better when the Gula Melaka (Malacca Sugar) melts!

So I microwaved for 30 seconds for this and TADA!
The Gula Melaka melted and I thought it looks amazingly appetizing!

I didn't have much expectation for this because the appearance didn't appeal to me that much.
But never did I know, THIS IS SOOOO GOOOOODDDD. (Just like their store name)
The gula melaka goes perfectly with the cake and I could taste traces of coconut flavor.
I have to say, I finally understand why this flavor sells so fast as compared to the rest.
The taste is heavenly, and I think EVERYONE should try this!
It's too good to be missed out!

Rating for the Ondeh Ondeh Jar Cake:

I love the color reference to the actual Ondeh Ondeh~!
All their jar cakes look so pretty!!! 4/5!


I LOVEEEEEEEEEE THIS! 4/5 stars! It's one of the MUST-TRY!
Even for the me who doesn't really like the actual Ondeh Ondeh, this tastes heavenly to me!
I ordered this because of so many good reviews about this, even though I don't specially like Ondeh Ondeh. But man, I will never regret this decision to order this! The reason for a 4 star rather than a 5 star is because of the sweetness. This is still a bit sweet but, all in all, I like it!
I'll definitely order this again because it's just too gooddddddddd!!!

*PS: This would go perfectly with a cup of tea to tone down the sweetness!*

** Click for their store on Instagram: HERE! **

** Contact 98324632 via Whatsapp or text messages to order or check prices! **

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Also, they will be having a new batch of cakes & cookies coming up.
So keep your eyes peeled and place your orders once the new batches of cakes & cookies are out for sale! Don't miss this chance to taste their cakes because it's really really good!

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Hurry and get yours right now!

Thank you so much for reading!
See you!


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