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UNIQSO: GEO Xtra Plum Blue & Stella Lash #5112 Review! (Sponsored)

Hello everyone!

I'm back with the full review for a sponsored post by UNIQSO!

I ordered these two items on 26th January, and I received them on 30th January!
I was so surprised by their efficiency!

If you're in urgent need of circle lens for special occasions such as wedding dinner, party or graduation night, I would definitely recommend you to purchase from UNIQSO!

** Click HERE to go to their website! **

Without further ado, here's the package I received via DHL!
The package was wrapped in bubble wrap, so you don't have to worry about the safety of the contents!

Back view of the package.

The inside of the package.

These are the items I ordered; Stella Lash #5112 & GEO Xtra Plum Blue (Including a free lens case!)

This is the lens packaging, there's an adorablle bear design with a sweet little "Thank You" in front!
It's so cute that I feel happy just looking at it!

This is the back of the box! The back includes UNIQSO's website.
You can visit their website or recommend it to your friends if you like their service!

Here's how it look like inside the box! The bottles were wrapped in yet another bubble wrap!
It's to ensure the safety of the lens bottles!
How thoughtful of them!

And also, UNQISO's one of the leading online cirlce lens store.
So they ONLY provide AUTHENTIC circle lens!
You can check their authenticity of the lens by following the steps HERE 

The lens look exactly like how it was shown on the website!!!
You can find it HERE.

Be careful when you open the seal because it's rather sharp! If you happen to break the cap off the metal seal, just use a scissors to slowly cut it off.
(The cap broke off in the left bottle)

Here's the free casing they provided!
It was so convenient because you could write the date when it expires!
You must take good care of your eyes and NEVER use expired lens!
I usually replace my lens every three months, even though the lens can be used for one whole year.
(Note: Remember to soak the lens with contact lens solution for at least one day before wearing it!)

** Click HERE for the more detailed circle lens related information to keep your eyes safe **

Next for the lashes, I literally screamed at how dolly the lash looked!!
It was exactly what I've been expecting!
You can find it HERE.

The back of the box teaches you how to wear the lashes properly, and i found some of the tips really useful. For example, it said to flex the lash to match your individual eye shape.
Indeed, it made wearing the lashes so much easier and more comfortable.
I usually have problems with eyelashes because of how "prickly" they feel on the eyes.
But this pair of lash have none of these problems! So comfortable!

Here's how it looks like inside! Love it!

Here's how the GEO Xtra Plum Blue + Stella Lash #5112 look like on me!

This is my first time trying out blue lenses and I was afraid of how it would look on me.
 But to my surprise, it turned out so well and gave a really dolly effect which is suitable for the korean ulzzang look.

As for the lashes, it's really dramatic but in an elegant way. This pair of lashes is really suitable for a dolly look in my opinion. It doesn't feel too heavy on the eyes (like some eyelashes do), I almost couldn't tell that i was wearing false eyelashes! And it doesn't feel "prickly" on the eyes and it enlarges your eye by a lot, so if you're looking for something that looks natural, then this lash design might not be ideal for you. I usually wear lashes that looks natural, but surprisingly this design looked so sweet together with ulzzang style makeup, that I might even go more for this kind of lash from now on!

An overall view.


 I wore it out for several occasions, but rarely felt it getting dry! It's so comfortable I don't feel any discomfort from this lens, like some other big enlarging lens. But of course, try not to wear any circle lens for prolonged hours because it's not very good for your eyes. Our eyes needs to breathe like we do, so i would recommend to limit the longest duration as 8-10 hours.


I have to say that this is one of my favorite lens that I've tried so far. This lens are 15mm in diameter, but the flowery tone of the lens tones down the enlargement, thus it is not as "alien-looking" as some of the other 15 mm circle lens. I would totally recommend this if you're looking for a lens that enlarges your eye in a dolly yet natural way.


The color may look exaggerating, but when you wear it, the color is not as obvious. The flowery patterns of the lens also helped to tone down the bold color, and look natural on the eyes.
I love the dolly effect from the lens, totally brightens up my eyes!
I think the color made my eyes even more sparkly, which makes your eyes look "cute"!

Overall Rating:

Absolutely love it!!!

GEO Xtra Plum Blue: CLICK HERE!
Price: $20.90 USD
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 15mm
Processing Time: 2-3 working days
Remarks: Free 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period: 12 months
Water Content: 38%

Stella Lash #5112 : CLICK HERE!

Price: $5.61 USD

Place of Origin: Taiwan
Processing Time: 3 - 4 Working Days
Type: Nylon with Hand made

** Remember to use coupon code "UtaSong" for  10% discount! **

On a side note, UNIQSO donates portion of their sales to the needy!
This year, they are planning to donate $0.50 USD for every order placed to Women's Aid Organization, World Vision and SPCA!

I hope this post would be helpful to all of you!

I would be posting a makeup tutorial on YouTube soon for this cat eye ulzzang look!
I'll upload my post along with the makeup tutorial link once it is upload!

Bonus photos:

Thank you so much for reading!
See you!


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