Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Uniqso's Makeup Items Review!

Hello guys, it's me again and you've probably noticed that I'm uploading a lot because it's the holiday season and I finally have got time to do these reviews. Usually I finish all my reviews together in a day.

So today, I'm going to review some makeup items from UNIQSOThis is a pretty rare post because usually I would usually review the lenses. But because I wanted to do a makeup tutorial based on UNIQSO's &  BOXABOZA's makeuup items, so I tried to order solely on makeups.
It came with the huge DHL package again!

Inside the package is another smaller package.
We see all the goodies in here.
Laid them out and look at all these cute stuffs!

Before I start my review, you can watch my makeup tutorial using all these items here!

They sent me the flyers to give out, but there isn't any events recently so I'll just keep them for future uses. I didn't order the mask this time and  UNIQSO kindly gave another piece of the cute animal mask! As I still have a lot of old masks, I decided not to use these first, but I'll be doing a review just for the masks when I'm done using my old ones.

(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)
Price: $3.90

(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)
Price: $13.90
Behind the packaging, it's a description of the product in chinese.
I'm not too good in Chinese, so I'm not sure the exact translation of it.
There's a seal on the side of the packaging, so you know they are properly sealed and new.
It's really cute when you open it, the design is based on alice in the wonderland. On the left, it's basically the story of the brand, Solone. On the right, it's description of the usage of the product, although it's in Chinese, I think it's pretty straightforward with the photo.
The product is inside this slender box attached to the packaging.
Tadah! The product!
This is the instructions from UNIQSO
I guess this is used mostly to "perfect" your eyeliner haha. Just right for me because I always mess up my eyeline!
So apparently, you use this "crayon" head to melt off the eyeliner line.
Then use this "sponge" head to wipe of the residue after it melts the eyeliner line.
Note that the eyeliner I used here is REALLY hard to remove because it's waterproof. The crayon head works so well! It didn't leave any dirt behind and I think it's pretty useful especially when it comes to waterproof eyeliner.

PROS: It's super useful and I absolutely love how easy it removes the eyeliner. I always mess up my eye makeup because waterproof eyeliner are really hard to remove and I always had to cover with concealer. But in most cases, even with concealer, there'll still be like black dirty marks left over. But this product totally won't leave any residue, which is why I strongly recommend this to anyone who always mess up their eyeliner.

CONS: No cons at all! I really can't find any faults with this. :D
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)
Price: $11.90

The back shows the ingredients and a bit of introduction.
I chose  Barbie Pink Peach-02 & Love Peach-06 One reason I really love the Solone series is because they always have safety seals on their product, to ensure what you're getting is brand new and sealed properly.
The colors are super pretty!
The bottom colored parts can be rotated to either make it longer or shorter.

The lipstick on my hand.
(1: Love Peach-06 & 2. Barbie Pink Peach-02 )
Love peach is somewhat similar to a nude orangey color, so it doesn't show up very well on my hand. Whereas, Barbie Pink Peach shows up very well and gives a very sweet color.

Top: Love Peach-06
Bottom: Barbie Pink Peach-02

PROS: These are extremely moisturizing and I really like it because I have very dry lips. I also love the glossy effect it gave! The colors are very soft and it makes my lips look cute somehow. The packaging is really cute too I love the design so much! These lipgloss have got a peach fruity smell to as well. I really love the smell!

CONS: The colors doesn't show up as well as normal lipsticks because these are actually lipgloss in stick forms. So if you're looking for lipsticks that have strong colors, this might not suit you.
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)
Price: $28.90
The ingredient list and the description
(Do check properly in case you have something you're allergic to)

The expiry date
Front and back view

You can somehow take it out, I guess for cleaning and hygiene purposes.
So to get the bb cream out, you just have to press on the round platform on the middle. The nozzle is the outlet where the cream will be coming out from.
This bb cream has a pink tone, which will make your skin brighter.
As I'm an asian, I have yellowish skin tone, so this is just perfect to achieve that fair skin tone. The coverage is not very high/light, it's just average so it doesn't feel too thick on the skin as well.
PROS: Brightens up your skin a lot, and it is perfect for the dewy skin effect. Coverage is quite high yet it doesn't feel very heavy on the skin. These are also authentic products from korea!

CONS: There's only one tone, so it may not suit everyone.
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)
Price: $5.90
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)
Price: $6.90

There'll be instructions on how to apply the false eyelahses on the back of the box.
You may check on the top of the packaging to confirm that you got the right design number of the lashes.
The lashes will be glued to the plastic model to keep the shape of the lashes. You can re-use these lashes, so I would advise you to keep the plastic models so you can put it back in shape after use, and prolong the lifetime of the lashes.

Just a note, the lenses here are
Sweety Nudy Ice Blue
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)

Usual Price: $20.90
Current Price: $18.81
After 10% discount: $16.90
You can read my full review of it HERE

PROS: Really cute lashes, I would say one of the cutest I've ever tried. They showed up very well, even better than the Dolly Wink ones. These are highly recommended for the dolly look.

CONS: These might not suit everyone because they are really huge and visible. But i think it's perfect for cosplays, or just a dolly look.

That's all for today and I have to say, I absolutely love all the items I received this time!
I'm truly impressed because UNIQSO specialize in lenses, so I was surprised that they also have such high quality makeups! Definitely worth it because they're all so good to use!

UNIQSO is having this awesome promotions, I'll briefly talk about it.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free
(24th Dec till 31st Dec 2015)

Buy 2 Get 1 Free
(1st Jan till 8th Jan 2016)

So if you buy 1 or 2 pairs of colored contact lens, you can get a pair of Sweety series lens at your own choice for free. Add the  Sweety brand to the shopping cart and checkout with sales promotion/normal checkout.

The promotions is from 24th Dec 2015 till 7th Jan 2016.
And it is only while stock last, so hurry up!

Buy Wig & Get Free Wig Cap + Wig Brush

If you buy any wig, add the wig cap/wig brush to the shopping cart and checkout with the sales promotion/normal checkout.

On top of the Bonanza promotions, there's other promotions as well.
Free Shipping, $1 Lenses, New Customer 15% Discount & Birthday Discount!
(Click the link above to find out more about the promotions)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! The makeup remover pencil is very intriguing and lashes are gorgeous~ You look very pretty in the video as well.

    1. Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment! ;///; I'm flattered. Yes! The makeup remover pencil is my favorite along side with the lashes! The lashes are the best I've tried so far! I love my orders so much!