Monday, December 28, 2015

Cuteharajuku Clothing Review

Time to review my CuteHarajuku parcel!
Before I start reviewing, CuteHarajuku is an online store specializing in japanese harajuku fashion & korean fashion. Here's a collage I made from the store's items. They sell a variety of items, from shoes to dress to bags, and even wigs! I swear they have the cutest apparels! Today I picked a sweatshirt and a skirt!

These were what's inside the parcel!

They even sent a thank you note which i felt that was pretty sweet and appreciative. (Sorry that the note was a bit crumpled though, it's because it traveled a long distance)

Give No Fucks Sweatshirt

(Sorry for the explicit word)
But i really love the design so i chose this sweatshirt.

On a closer look!
There's colorful donut designs all over the shirt. I live in a country with really hot weathers, so initially i thought that the shirt might be too warm but it wasn't so! It was actually made up of very thin and cooling material. The surface of the sweatshirt is smooth and glossy as well.

Only the band and the sleeve end was made of thick cotton.


PROS: Very comfortable material, not warm at all. Material is of excellent quality and the design is really cute and colorful. Perfect for the japanese harajuku look.

CONS: There's only one size so it might not fit everyone.
I love this so much! It's too cute!

Pink Sweet Space Cotton Trendy Skirt
On a closer look.
Back and front of the skirt. It's made up of thick cotton and it gives off a very "flowy" feeling to it.
I really love the natural wave of the skirt because it looks really cutesy together with the pastel pink color. The material feels very soft and fluffy, really comfortable.
The zip is located at the center of the back. The skirt is also kind of elastic, so i think it's fine to get your exact size. You don't have to get a size bigger.
Inside, it's made up of chiffon material, which is really cooling.
And the skirt includes a sew on safety pants, so you don't have to worry about getting exposed.
On the side view.

PROS: The skirt is elastic so no need to worry too much about the size. The material is really good and i love how soft and fluffy it is. The natural wave of the skirt is also really cute, and personally i think it's really hard to find any other skirts that is cuter than this.

CONS: Honestly, i don't think i find any cons with this. I love it too much!
Overall view.

Honestly, I've always been skeptical about online apparels, but CuteHarajuku changed my opinions. The quality is top notch and definitely worth every cent it's priced for, On another note, the owner of the store is called Cutey, she's one of the friendliest owner you'll ever see. She always replies really fast to emails and is willing to answer all the questions you have for her. She has other stores other than CuteHarajuku.



They are also having a huge sales promotion ending at 30/12/15:

$49+ spent → $10 discount
$99+ spent → $20 discount
$179+ spent → $30 discount

You can use my code "UTASONG" for a 10% discount!

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