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[Uniqso] January 2016's Wig, Lenses & Lashes Review

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! It's been a while since I updated my blog. :D Today I'll be reviewing some items from UniqsoAlso, I don't feel very well so I have lesser photos as compared to my previous posts. I'll also keep my post short!


Medium Silvery White Cosplay Wig
Stock photo from uniqso
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)

Price: $25.90

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Silver White
Wig Length: 60cm

My wig was packed in 2 packets to ensure it's safe inside!
The wig is in SUPERB quality! I was expecting to see a silvery wig but this is more of a white wig. But I still really like the color!
The stitching is really well done too!
The parting if the wig is in skin color, so it looks really natural and i love how it looks like!
I bought this really cheap headpiece on ebay thinking that it'll definitely fit this elegant wig and it really did! I love the combination of these two items!
If you're going for a more casual look, a simple beanie would make it look cute and casual~!

Likes: This is one of the most beautiful wig I've tried so far from uniqso! I grew up having bangs all my life, so it was kinda fresh to try a wig with middle parting. I really love how elegant it looks. It's really comfortable, and the wig came untangled and in good quality. So there's no hassle in putting it on. I only needed to comb a bit and it would look so pretty! The length for this wig reaches till my waist so I'm pretty satisfied with the length since it's not overly long, as it can look very artificial.

Dislikes: I originally thought it would look a bit silvery but this wig is more of white. So that's a little bit different from the reference photo (but i would say it's 90% similar!)


As usual, my items were packed neatly and professionally!

I ordered 1 animal maks, 1 underlash, 1 lashes, 1 pair of lenses and an eyeliner!


Skin79 - Animal Mask For Dry Monkey
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)

Price: $3.90

I've ordered all the animal mask series and I'll be doing the reviews on my next post! :)
I'll be linking it here once i"m done with it.


Stella Eyelashes Cross Stitch #6888
Stella Eyelashes Underlash #8125

(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)

Price: $5.90 (Cross Stitch) $6.90 (Underlash)

The Cross Stitch Series is not as dramatic as the Pointed Series, so it's very wearable outside for daily use. It also feels very comfortable and light! I think it's very suitable for people who likes going for light makeup.

For the underlash, I chose a Cross Stitch design as well to match my upper lash. The lower lash definitely makes my eyes bigger and dolly like how i wanted it to be. I also like the fact that the band is transparent so as to make it look more natural!

I personally likes dramatic lashes more, so i kind of prefer the pointed series to the cross stitch ones. But there are always different preferences for each individual so I'll still recommend this for people who likes lighter eye makeup.

The underlash is thicker than what i thought it would be, so it requires a little more makeup on the lower lid to make the whole makeup look more natural.


Barbie Forest 3 Tones Grey
Stock photo from Uniqso
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)

Price: $16.90
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Color Tones: 3 Tones
Diameter: 16.2mm
Processing Time: 2-3 working days
Remarks: Free 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period: 12 months
Water Content: 38%

A red packaging to symbolize Lunar New Year! How cute!

Having the contacts on (I did the review quite late today - 4pm, so i'm sorry that the photo is kinda dark)

Likes: These lenses are absolutely beautiful with the 3 tone colors. It fits dark natural eyes just perfect! It kind of brightens up the eyes and makes it look all sparkly! The big diameter also enlarged my eyes by a lot and i really love how big it looks! Be it cosplay or daily makeup, I highly recommend this design for people who wants big and sparkly eyes. xD

Dislikes: Absolutely none! just perfect!


Euforia Liquid Eyeliner
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)

Price: $13.90
(Having 21% off, so it's $10.30 now!)

1. Refined cotton brush tip good on application.  
2. Smooth and easy to draw fine to bold dramatic eye liner.
3. Good color pigment, waterproof, smudge-proof and oil resistant.
4. Direct flow mechanism hence no issue with break liner or fading
5. Speedy dry

I love these so much! This eyeliner really gives a very defined look to the eyes! And i love how strong the black looks! (usually liquid eyeliners would come off as dark grey or something) It dried up right after i applied it, and stayed on really well. It's waterproof and lasts really long! I'm totally getting this again once it finishes! I've been looking around for good eyeliners that would look BLACK, and this exactly fulfill my needs.

Dislikes: The tip is a bit fat, so you'll sort of "over-draw". The eyeliner dries really fast and is waterproof so it's very hard to remove without ruining the whole eye makeup. I wouldn't recommend this to eyeliner beginners. Because you'll probably make a fuss out of it. But for people who are used to using liquid eyeliners, this is a GOLD.


I'm really sorry for the lack of photos but i'm dying today. I've been having really bad cramps for two days straight, and had been feeling lethargic. But some of the items here are really good so it kinda motivates me to finish taking photos for this review. Till the nest post!
All the items featured here all can be found at:  Uniqso
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)


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