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February 2016 Uniqso Review (Hoozuki No Reitetsu Wig, Phantasee Crazy Lens Blue Artist, Solone Captivating Dolly Waterproof 2-Ways Natural Eyebrow Pencil)


Hey guys! It's been a long long long LONG LONG time since i did a review because work life had been tormenting and eating up all my time so much that i don't even get enough sleep. So sorry for the long wait, but here i am! Today i'm gonna review the 3 items i ordered in February from my favourite online store, Uniqso !

Here's the list of items that i ordered.


Stock photo from uniqso
(Click the above link to buy)
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Price: $24.90

Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Black
Wig Length: 30cm

Nicely stored in a clear zip lock bag
Inside is the wig wrapped with a hair net (to prevent tangles) & some papes to keep the wig shape.
Front pofile
Side profile
Back profile
I really like the length of this wig but it wasn't like what i was expecting because it looked slightly too feminine for the concept i'm going for.
This look could be perfect to cosplay Nana though.
It's my first guy makeup look. I was so excited to try it out.

Likes: I love the length and the overall look it gave out. This wig is really versatile, It's perfect for cosplaying both male and female characters with slightly short hair. This wig is also heat resistant, you can easily style it according to your preferences. The reference photo on uniqso is also very accurate.

Dislikes: It's my first short hair wig, so it's a bit more difficult to handle as compared to long hair wig. I also find it harder to make it look natural, probably because of the center parting of the wig. This short hair wig seems to have more hair droppings as compared to my previous ones.


Phantasee Crazy Lens Blue Artist

Stock photo from uniqso
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)

Price: $27.90

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Processing Time: 3-4 working days
Remarks: Free 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period: 12 months
Water Content: 38%

All the goodies in the parcel!
They changed the box for the lenses and the case is pink! I love it!
Hehe, I'm really excited to give it a try!
With and without the lenses!
I love the vampy look the lenses gave out!
These are absolutely PERFECT for halloween this year!

Likes: I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LENS! It's definitely the type of lens whereby you can wear it for daily use. But it'll be perfect for special events, like halloween or some costume party. These lens are extremely bright! As you can see, I'm asian and i have really black eye, but it still showed up really well on my eyes.

Dislikes: There's not much i can complain about these lenses, but one thing would be that i could see slight blue color in my vision, but all in all, it's not to the point where it's uncomfortable. :)

Solone Captivating Dolly Waterproof 2-Ways Natural Eyebrow Pencil

Stock photo from uniqso
(Click the above link to buy)
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)

Price: $8.90

There are actually 3 different shades and this time, i chose 03 light brown.
 packaging is extremely pinkish and cute~!
The pencil contains 2 sides, one for the pencil and one for the brush.

My natural eyebrows are very sparse (almost non-existent)
With & without eyebrow pencil

Likes: This is very easy to use, even for beginners, because the pencil edge is angled in a way that is easier to apply. This is also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it getting smudged. Another thing i like about this product is the color! I have dark brown hair, so i usually use a darker shade for my eyebrows, but this 03 light brown shade actually complements my hair color very well. And it makes my eyes more defined and awake. Definitely recommending this product to all makeup beginners! Lastly, the cute packaging is a big big bonus.

Dislikes: Nothing at all! :)

Birthday Gift

As it was my birthday month on February, uniqso kindly sent me an adorable gift! Thank you so much! I love them!
A cupcake contact lens case! AND IT'S PINK! I LOVE IT!
On a side note, uniqso sells a lot of cute contact lens cases and you can find them : HERE
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)
So that's all for my post today! I'm really sorry i was gone for months due to my work, but i promise to make more time for my reviews!!!
All the items featured here all can be found at:  Uniqso
(Use my code "UtaSong" for a 10% discount)
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